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We believe that entrainment is one of biggest pleasures you can offer to people!

Our experience, your memory!


Corporate Events – Conferences –  Big Events – Private Events –  Weddings – Product Launches –  Artists Catering – Show Romms – Catering – Fashion Shows –  GALAs – Movie Premiers –  Festivals VIP Area – Anniversaries (Brands, Companies) – Office Catering – Home Catering

From Concept, to design, to logistics, to staff, to implementation and management.

Due to the variety of LOFT Group Locations, our culinary universe includes several hot cousins:

International, French, Romanian, Asian, Italian, Fusion, and LOFT signature style.

Private events

Dessert bars are a wildly popular choice for private events, anniversaries or home parties that want an alternative to the traditional cake!

Aside from the open bar, the dessert table will most likely end up being the most frequented spot of the night.

Plus, it’s open to guests of all ages. So what better way to treat your all of guests than with a stylish table full of post-dinner treats, a delicously sweet sophistication.

From rustic homemade tarts to elegant French macarons, from famous Mille Feuille to creme brulee, these desserts not only satisfy guests’ sugar cravings, but they also add personality to the overall event.

Enjoy it and discover our customized offer for your perfect private event “made in LOFT”.

Special events

A special event, like a wedding or a baptism, is in fact “your own special day” and if you’re currently faced with a catering dilemma of ‘chicken or fish’, “sushi or barbecue” we’re just going to stop you right there.

Your wedding or your baptism is the perfect time to express your personality, whether it’s with an unusual theme or your favourite food.

We always came up with creative catering ideas to inspire you, so don’t worry we got you covered, no matter what.

LOFT is here to offer solutions and together we’ll have a unique and exquisite experience for a day or a night event, with gourmet food, particular atmosphere and perfect services!

Corporate events

Our catering offer covers Coffee breaks, Lunches, Dinners, Corporate Cocktails, Charity events, Launching Product events, Signature events or Off-Premise events and everything more.

We are very well respected and prized for our highly trained waiting personnel, menu designers, chefs and infrastructure (cutlery, dishes, decorations, even a whole mobile kitchen).

We’ll work together with you to create an event that exceeds every expectation. We can ensure tents for up to 450 guests, in one big hall, or divided into two, or event three different rooms.

Our array of smaller mobile venues provides the flexibility for you need for breakout sessions, private meetings or retreats for 10-50 guests.

Because LOFT is here to listen to your needs. And offer tailored solutions.

Artists' Catering

Anyone who has ever been to a concert of their favourite band or artist knows the urge to meet & greet them backstage.

But there is a lot more that goes behind that curtain beside the artists getting ready for the stage.

Artists and their large crews need support to create that wonderful and upbeat atmosphere you enjoy at the concerts.

For that purpose, LOFT’s professional artists’ backstage catering services are hired.

These services fall within the niche of music and tour catering.

In conclusion, backstage chefs and food staff overcome tough challenges to meet and surpass the artists’ and crew challenges while they complete tough jobs of their own.

Most music and tour catering companies employ the best of the food industry standards to offer the best backstage food experience.

But LOFT is not like most – it’s the best.

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